Inflection Point:

that inevitable moment that sneaks up on you from behind and will undoubtedly change your business

Seeing and managing change is the difference between just surviving and thriving

Recognize the key inflection points; those times when you can’t wait and action is required 

See the change through the eyes of your customer 

Understand the “levers” that have driven your business up to now and how they work 

Find the resources to grow

We understand that time is the enemy and you need to act - our relationships reflect that.

Our immediate goal is to focus on the future. What is challenging your profitability and what can you do about it? Do you need to raise capital for growth? Are you really achieving product/market fit on your latest products? 

You are busy. So we keep our processes lean – no endless staff surveys, dragged out meetings. Our Lean Innovation Framework creates immediate action plans and results. 

We bring you the voice of your customer present and future – unvarnished 

We are quick learners but you are the expert in your business – our framework is designed to immediately get to the core issues

We will help you develop the skills and lean processes to continuously innovate. With our Lean Innovation Framework, you develop a way of looking at change and rapidly assessing possible action plans.

Luke Wallace

  • Co-Founded SaaS platform to 8 figure IPO in 6 years 
  • #731 on the Inc 5000 list: 629% revenue growth 
  • CEO/COO of publicly traded company 
  • Raised over $15MM in equity and debt financing 
  • 2016 Fastest-Growing Technology Companies award from Deloitte 
  • Issued U.S. Patent for innovative SaaS coaching platform
  • LeanStack Continuous Innovation Mentor Certified

Jonathan L. York, Ph.D.

  • 35 years of CEO experience in technology, software and healthcare 
  • Raised over $100M in startup and growth capital 
  • Growth consulting in diverse industries, from manufacturing to professional services 
  • Served on 40+ boards and coached dozens of CEOs 
  • B.A., Yale, Ph.D., Michigan State in Psychology 
  • Assoc. Professor of Entrepreneurship, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo 
  • Co-founder, Cal Poly Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Things we like to hear :

"Luke and Jon make a strong team, and between them, they bring both hard practicality and creative thinking to almost any challenge."
"Jon has seen, and often led, businesses in so many industries, and in so many circumstances that he helps you make connections that you never would alone. He also asks a hell of a lot of questions!"
"Luke loves to get things done, and that fits well with my team. The difference is that he helps us make sure we are doing the RIGHT things."